4 ways that AI video solutions can protect school and college campuses

Ensuring student safety on campus is a priority for every educational establishment. Below, we share 4 ways in which cutting-edge video surveillance powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can transform student safety for schools and colleges of all sizes.

Schools have a duty of care to look after the children they teach. Student safety on campus is paramount. And yet, incidents of crime within schools are startlingly high.

According to the flagship report of Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) in 2018, there are more than 12,700 attacks identified from 2013 through 2017, harming more than 21,000 students and educators in at least 70 countries.

In a bid to tackle this, more and more educational establishments are deploying the latest video surveillance technologies campus-wide. Through the use of compact yet powerful HD cameras, featuring built-in artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, schools can promote a safer learning environment for students, prevent dangers such as theft, break-ins, and unauthorized entry/exits.

The power of AI video
1. It identifies unauthorized entries

One of the biggest worries to caregivers and school staff is unauthorized people entering a school building. So today’s facial recognition video system offers an ideal solution. Perfect for school entrances and restricted buildings, the technology can work together with access control systems, ensuring only authorized students and staff can enter the premises. It can also identify specific individuals who are not permitted to enter a building, triggering an alarm if they attempt to do so.

Image clarity is absolutely paramount for this capability, so it’s important to choose facial recognition cameras that feature wide dynamic range (WDR) and low-light performance. These cameras have the built-in intelligence to offset a variety of challenging conditions, such as backlighting on a bright day (when the light behind a person coming in is brighter than the ambient light inside) or a dark night.

2. It protects perimeter indoor and outdoor
No matter it is a closed or open campus, there are still critical areas that need special attention when onsite guard is not guaranteed, such as playgrounds that are only open for classes, fire lanes, as well as school laboratories and archive rooms. So it’s reassuring that today’s video surveillance systems are designed to alert security personnel to intrusions the moment they happen. Deep learning-based AI technologies can intelligently analyze the content of video feeds, identifying if it is a human, a vehicle or other insignificant objects, and trigger an alarm when individuals or vehicles cross certain boundaries at pre-determined locations anywhere within the school grounds.

3. It can monitor vehicle access
Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems identify the license numbers of cars that enter a school’s parking entrance or gate, and will trigger an alarm if an unauthorized vehicle is detected. For an additional layer of security, ANPR can be coupled with facial recognition technology to identify if the driver is known.

Similarly, AI-powered cameras can be programmed to identify suspicious driving behaviors, such as speeding or driving in the wrong direction. Plus they can be used to monitor compliance with restrictions; for example, ensuring only pre-approved vehicles such as school buses can park in a certain place.

In fact, the latest traffic monitoring cameras can also offer value here; through deep learning technology, they can identify and classify vehicles, distinguishing size, make, model and color, to give security teams extra valuable information in the event of an incident.

4. It doesn’t require constant monitoring
The intelligent alerts offered by today’s AI-powered video surveillance systems can free up security teams, so that they no longer need to monitor video screens at a desk. The software analyzes video feeds in real-time and raises an alarm when there is an issue – allowing security personnel to spend valuable time on other activities, such as patrolling the grounds.
This feature is especially valuable for surveillance before/after school hours or at weekends. Surveillance staff can choose to receive any alarms via an app on their mobile device, ensuring they can still respond to issues in real time.

Take the first step with Hikvision
Hikvision can work with you to help you maximize campus security. Our deep-learning-based AI video solutions feature HD cameras, embedded network video recorders for event recording and storage, and a centralized video management platform to unify the whole system.

What’s more, we recognize that educational environments should be inviting places for students and families, so our technology solutions are deliberately low-profile and unobtrusive.

If you would like to learn more about campus security solutions from Hikvision, and how we can work with you to better protect your students and staff, please contact us.

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