Hikvision announces Hik-ProConnect integration with Sentinel Software

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, announced its collaboration with Monitor Computer Systems, Ltd. to integrate its Hik-ProConnect framework with Sentinel Software. The combination provides a convenient way for alarm receiving centers (ARCs) and systems integrators to install and operate Hikvision security devices in Sentinel systems.

With the integration, ARCs and systems integrators can easily connect, view and control Hikvision cameras, NVRs and alarm panels in Sentinel via the cloud-based Hik-ProConnect. Multiple functions, such as live view, playback, and event notifications can be directly managed in Sentinel as well. 

The integration instantly provides a broad support for all Hik-Connect-compatible products in Sentinel, and ARCs and systems integrators can be confident about compatibility with both current and future Hikvision products in Sentinel. 

Building on the secure architecture of the Hik-ProConnect and Hik-Connect, ARCs and systems integrators will avoid cumbersome network setup, such as complex configuration or creating VPN tunnels; they will also avoid exposing customer networks to unnecessary security risks, as the video and data traffic is initiated from the inside. 

“We are excited to see the Hik-ProConnect integration with Sentinel, as it provides an easy and seamless installation and operation of Hikvision products in Sentinel. The times where you would have to deal with different device-level firmwares, SDK developments, and support are gone. Installers and ARCs are guaranteed peace-of-mind when choosing the Sentinel and Hik-ProConnect combination,” says Sawyer Tao, Technology Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision UK.

“With the Hik-ProConnect integration, we are ensuring extremely broad and future-proof support for Hikvision products in one go. With the integration, our customers – the alarm receiving centers – will experience a more efficient installation enrollment,” added Jason Williams, Development Director at Monitor Computer Systems. 

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For more details about the integration of Hik-ProConnect with Sentinel software, please visit this link.


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