Fisheye cameras: broad surveillance and better business insight in one discreet package

Installing a surveillance solution that offers a clear view over a large area can require multiple cameras, extensive cabling, licenses, management – and the cost soon adds up. But through the latest AI-powered fisheye cameras, organizations can capture a broad field of view in a single discreet package – and gain a wealth of business insight in the process.

Cutting-edge fisheye cameras: the all-seeing eyes that offer a wealth of functionality
Getting clear surveillance over a large area – such as a warehouse, a grocery store or a parking lot – isn’t always the simplest task, and it typically calls for multiple cameras and cabling to be installed at a variety of locations, in order to cover all fields of view.

To tackle these challenges, many organizations are choosing to install cutting-edge fisheye cameras. These innovative, all-seeing eyes can deliver up to a 360 degree view of their surroundings.

Fisheye cameras work by using a panoramic lens to capture the view of multiple cameras in one single device. If positioned on the wall, they offer a 180 degree view, and when on the ceiling, they offer a 360 degree coverage of the floor below – with no blind spots.

However, the most advanced fisheye cameras on the market don’t stop there. Through ‘dewarping’ software, users can choose to re-render a fisheye image into different formats, so that the camera behaves just like a virtual PTZ.

AI-based solution for security and business insight
In this way, a single fisheye camera is a very efficient and cost-effective way to achieve high quality surveillance of a large or complex area. What’s more, the latest cameras with built-in heat mapping and people counting offer incredible insight for companies whose business thrives on sales.

For example, store managers can use heat mapping to identify how people move through the shop floor, and arrange products in the optimal place to attract them. Later, heat map data can be compared with sales figures, for further insight into the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

At museums and entertainment facilities, people counting data and customer flow information may come handy for safety teams and marketing teams, which need to better understand how they can protect and serve their customers.

And of course, one single fisheye camera is typically far more unobtrusive than a full suite of surveillance cameras, making them ideal for locations where aesthetics matter, or where surveillance profile needs to be low.

Hikvision: top-of-the-range fisheye cameras with market-leading extras
Hikvision fisheye cameras are among the most sophisticated on the market today. Featuring top-of-the-range Immervision lenses, they deliver a wider angle of view, less distortion, and sharper, more detailed images than many other cameras on the market, which results in more natural images once they have been dewarped.

What’s more, the in-built deep-learning-based AI applications such as heat mapping, intersection flow analysis, and people counting, empower users with a wealth of data for business analysis, reporting, and smarter decision-making.

Find out more
To learn more about Hikvision fisheye cameras, and to see how they could help your organization save money, save time and gain a wealth of business insight, visit our product pages.

You can also discover how Polish retailer Miniso is using Hikvision fisheye cameras to analyze footfall, optimize product placement, and identify purchasing trends across 200 stores in our case study.

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