Keeping many eyes on traffic in Poland

With traffic levels constantly rising, cities around the world are looking for ways to manage the sheer number of traffic on their roads. The city of Chorzow in southern Poland wanted to go a step further and provide information to streamline their public transport on the roads, as well as regular vehicles. They approached Sprint, a leading systems integrator in Poland, who delivered an intelligent traffic management solution using Hikvision technology.

City municipal Board of Streets and Bridges in Chorzów (MZUiM – Miejski Zarząd Ulic i Mostów) an organizational unit of the city is responsible for the management of public roads in Chorzów. The Road Engineering Department within MZUiM is responsible for the city’s Traffic Management System.

The department had extensive requirements for this complex system to truly meet its needs.

Firstly, they needed to be able to recognize number plates efficiently, even at high speeds of up to 250 km/h. Further the system needed to be able to classify the vehicles.

Secondly, the cameras used needed to have a high image quality and also to have some aesthetic quality, as they would be mounted all over the city, sometimes in prominent places. The ability of the cameras to maintain a high image quality in low light conditions, and to offer image stabilization were also important for this project.

The system needed to effectively monitor traffic on major roads and intersections throughout the city. It would be used for a variety of activities – from verifying accidents to tracking truck routes.

A high priority for the solution was to create a traffic management system in the city, taking into account relevant data submitted to the Traffic Control Center. With this, the MZUiM could optimize signalling work and create priority for public transport vehicles.

Chorzów’s Traffic Management System using Hikvision ANPR intelligent cameras other supporting CCTV was installed by Sprint in 2019.

The system used the DarkFighter Network Speed Dome PTZ camera (DS-2DF6A236X-AEL) in key areas. This camera has high sensitivity in low light levels, image stabilization and rapid focus, making it ideal for the position. They also used 4-Directional Multi-sensor Network PanoVu cameras (DS-2CD6D24FWD) at key intersections, to capture all the access roads to the intersection. These also come with lower infrastructure costs, since they combine four cameras into one. They also look pretty good!

Footage from the cameras was recorded using 5 4K NVRs (DS-9632NI-I16) and it was all brought together using the HikCentral client-server system platform.

But perhaps the real hero in the system was the ANPR technology. ANPR data from the ANPR Checkpoint Capture Unit (iDS-TCV300) provided key data to meet the project’s needs. This included recognition of registration numbers up to a speed of 250 km/h, recognition of overloaded vehicles, and vehicle classification. The system was also designed to integrate the information transmitted from induction loops embedded in the roads, which register a vehicle as it drives over them.

Łukasz Cysewski, Project Manager at Sprint, says: “Hikvision’s solutions in the field of intelligent ANPR cameras and CCTV best corresponded to the project requirements. Specifically, we were impressed with the scope of implemented functions and effectiveness of the ANPR cameras, image quality and overall management of the CCTV system. Hikvision also offered a high level of support to integrate the smart cameras with our intelligent management software.”

The system gave Chorzów the ability to monitor their traffic in one place. This brought a raft of benefits, like automatic detection of road offenses, and allowing the department to prioritize public transport for a quicker journey. It also allowed Police to track suspicious vehicles, with integration into their Smart City platform.

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